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Solis celebrates another milestone!

The first string inverter company listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange

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Ginlong (Solis) has recently celebrated their accomplishment in being listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange as a public company. Being the first of its kind, the China-based company Solis, is the only stock listed company with the main business in the string inverted sector. Founded in 2005, Ginlong Solis has flourished to be a leading high-level technical research and development team, many of whom are deemed experts within the PV systems field. Until today, Solis’ stock value is over 4 billion RMB and will continue to prosper, which will further build the company’s rapport and credibility internationally.

Landing the stock code: 300763, Ginlong Solis technologies is publicly offering 20 million shares, including 20 IPO shares offered at approximately 26.64 Yuan per share.

Solis has distributed products to more than 80 countries around the globe. Their brand strategy focal point has always outlined product reliability and performance advantage against competitors. The top ten customers for Solis are mostly from Asia, Europe, United States of America, Australia and many more regions and countries throughout the world.

What does this mean for their business?

By going public on the Shenzhen stock exchange, this opportunity has given Solis the platform they needed to expand as a brand internationally. From this, the market will push the brand Solis to more countries around the globe. Having IPOs (initial public offerings) available means that Solis will have the ability to invest more frugally in new products for the Australian market. Solis is a business that customers can place their trust in and rely on for a long time. More solar research and innovation can come into the Australian solar industry via this new change, aiding and growing our current market.More and more business will grow from this positive action which will in the long term, give Solis the credibility and global recognition they need to prosper further into the trusted Australian Solar market. Australian’s will have the opportunity to invest in a well-known and trusted brand, bringing prosperities onto Australian soil.

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