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Should I go Off the Grid?

The upfront cost of installing an Off-Grid system is an investment you make to own your electricity production, end of electricity bills, shrinking your environmental footprint, having energy independence and not being exposed to the sort of price shocks and reliability issues that you can’t control when you are connected to the grid.


With rising electricity prices and enormous upfront connection costs, choosing to go Off-Grid for your electricity is increasingly more attractive. When choosing between an Off-Grid system or paying to connect your property to the grid, looking at your systems life cycle will help to understand the total cost of each option over the long term, not just the initial upfront cost.

The biggest mistake people make is purchasing a system that is too small to power their lifestyle. Going Off-Grid with the dream of never paying a power bill again can be extremely attractive. However, if you can’t afford to do it properly, you’ll end up wishing you got connected to the primary electricity grid.

Before you start your journey towards Off-Grid living, there are a few things to consider:
• Firstly, find out what the cost would be to get a grid connection. As well as the initial connection cost, there is the projected cost of total power over the next 10-15 years plus an expected 5% price increase per year
• Get an energy assessment done to find out what kind of Off-Grid system is best suited to your circumstances, expectations and budget. Get in touch with us, and we’ll give you a free energy assessment, design a customised Off-Grid system and guide you through the process with our best recommendations.
• Find the right balance between value for money and quality. Buying the cheapest Solar PV System on the market is a calculated risk when it comes to solar systems that are connected to the conventional grid. If your inverter fails, your solar system may not work, but at least you will still have electricity in your home. WHEN YOU ARE OFF-GRID, POOR QUALITY COMPONENT FAILURES WILL LEAVE YOU WITHOUT POWER. IT IS NOT WORTH THE RISK!
• If you want the best value for money, use standard business sense. The saying “You get what you pay for” is generally true! Try and future proof your system by being realistic with your projected energy use and balancing this against your budget.

• You are building a new shed or workshop on an existing rural property
• You are looking to create a new home in an area with no grid connection
• You are looking for the perfect green-field solution for your holiday retreat/weekender without the ongoing commitment and cost of grid connection
• You have a small remote shed or shack that you need power for
• You are looking for sustainable living
• The cost of connecting to the grid is higher than installing an independent Off-Grid system

• No ongoing power bills
• No connection fees
• Protection from rising power prices
• Independent and sustainable electricity
• The equipment you pay for, your own
• A Green and Renewable source of electricity


If your system is designed correctly, the difference is very little, as even in bad weather, such as prolonged rainy days, a back-up generator with auto start function will ensure your home always has the power it needs.


Going Off-Grid will require you, and your family, to become a lot more conscious of your energy usage, as you don’t have the support of the grid.
You must consider five important things and how they relate to your systems’ requirements, possibly saving you thousands of dollars in system costs. Energy-intensive appliances are those that heat or cool a space, be it air, water or an element. The major considerations are:

  1. Gas or Solar Hot water – An average hot water system for a 3 or 4-person house may easily consume 4 kWh per day alone. Gas or Solar Hot water is a great option to drastically reduce your power consumption, in-return saving you big money. Important to note that in bad weather you may need to boost your solar hot water system and if it has an electric boost, you’ll end up using a lot more power at a time when the generated power from your solar panels is drastically reduced.
  2. Gas Cooking – Electric cooktops and ovens are another significant requirements for your Off-Grid system. Although running ovens and electric elements from your Off-Grid system are achievable you may find going with gas will save you money.
  3. Wood fire heating – Electric Bar heaters are massive consumers and when run for long periods don’t fit in well when living Off-Grid. Wood fire heating is an option taken up by many of our customers. A wood fire stove is a great way to heat your living spaces.
  4. Efficient appliances – If you are buying a new property, you can take the opportunity to ensure you get the most suitable home appliances, thereby reducing your Off-Grid system’s requirements. Energy star ratings are now present on all appliances, along with a yearly kWh usage. This can be used to select the most efficient appliances for your budget. The LED lighting is a very economical option and gives off good light. As many lights are usually on for at least a few hours a day, a more efficient light can add up to significant savings.
  5. Change your routines – It’s simple. When the sun is out, use your most significant energy consuming appliances. We call it “Blue Sky Rule”. Do your washing, vacuuming and all other household routines during the day, this way the electricity is in effect supplied directly from your panels and not discharging from your battery storage. For smaller systems, you may want to load-share, which means you stagger the use of your high draw appliances such as toasters, microwaves and kettles etc. This will reduce the requirement for a large Off-Grid inverter which will save you even more money on the system cost. Use common sense and follow the “Blue Sky Rule”.

We offer Australia comprehensive Off-Grid systems from BlackMax DIY kit system up to large customised, fully installed Off-Grid systems for residential and small businesses across Australia.

The BlackMax DIY Kit system is the ideal solution if you want to power an outlying area that has no grid-connected power. It’s designed for applications with a daily power usage from 2 up to 10kWh plus during the daytime, the excess generated energy from the chosen solar PV array. We’ve done all the hardware, cabling, mounting equipment for metal roof and all electronics, i.e. inverter and battery bank are all included saving the client precious time. The BlackMax plug and play Shed Power System, 48V can be installed by any competent person, without the need for an electrician or solar installer.

Customised Off-Grid systems are based on an energy assessment and designed around expected energy usage per day. They are built with the latest proven technology that’ll be the future living Off the Grid. The solar PV array is the primary power source for the living, the battery bank the second and a back-up generator the third power source. With the capacity of the SMA inverters, you can during daytime live a normal life like you are connected to the grid. You don’t have to stress about what you can or can’t use simultaneously, but it’s recommended to use common sense and don’t start up all appliances simultaneously and do the regular household routines during daytime when power is still generated from the solar panels.


Energy Stuff is Australian owned and with proven national supply and service partners across the country. Energy Stuff was launched in late 2015 and is focused on supporting the Australian residential solar market with a full range of solar systems, solar upgrades, replacement units, smart monitoring systems, Off-Grid solar systems, and battery storage capability. Energy Stuff offers clients a secure and cost-effective energy future -with a comprehensive range of new smart energy solar systems, expert servicing & repairs, and Off-Grid solar installations.


Our Off-Grid team have decades of expertise in providing Off-Grid solar systems and Off-Grid battery storage Australia wide. Our solar and battery storage systems are custom designed and installed for each client’s situation and location, no matter where they live in Australia, we can provide the best solar battery storage and off-grid energy solutions, helping them genuinely get off the grid. Off-Grid Energy Stuff works with CEC Accredited Off-Grid installers across Australia for all of our installations. By using local installers, we can also provide ongoing service and backup to ensure your system is maintained and quickly put back into service if you ever have a fault.


After googling and speaking with a lot of solar companies to design and supply enough power to run our household (which consumes quite a bit of electricity with teenagers) the return quotes were immensely different in cost and also when the power could be supplied. Energy Stuff Off-Grid was $7000 cheaper to the nearest quote so we spoke with Scott who ensured us we had come to the right place and we had. Our house was fully powered in just over a month and we have enough electricity to go stupid with. (No more turning off power points and light switches to save on bills). Scott was with us all the way and still is to this day. Very knowledgeable guy and made our transition from electricity companies to solar so stress free and simple. We had nearly been ripped off from one company that didn’t want to return our deposit- even though they had a 30-day cooling off period. We put our trust in Energy Stuff Off-Grid and they totally delivered. We are so impressed with them, we have offered to allow people to view our setup that are considering off grid solar, through contact with Energy Stuff Off-Grid. So so happy we found a company who aren’t there just to take our hard-earned money. Rare these days.

Many thanks guys, we can’t say enough. 🙏

Scott and Michelle”

Energy Stuff specialises in Residential Solar with emphasis on Repairs, Replacements and upgrades. We also provide new systems, battery storage, Small Commercial, Off-Grid systems and smart monitoring systems. Energy Stuff only uses CEC accredited installers and we fully comply with the Victorian Govt. Solar Rebate Program.

For further information please call us on 1300 656 205 or go to our website at http://www.energystuff.com.au

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