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Investor Memorandum- Energy Stuff

Energy Stuff a new player in the Clean Energy Sector

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Investor Memorandum Energy Stuff

Deal with Stuff is the marketing arm of the DWS Group and below this, we have or plan to have, a number of operating divisions that will deliver our key service offers across the various brands that we own. These operations are separate business entities and will have specialised staff that can provide top quality advice and services to our growing client base. These operational businesses are open for potential investment by people and firms who operate in their respective space and who are looking for a new vehicle to reach a wider market with new thinking and new technology.

The Board of Deal with Stuff Pty Ltd is pleased to welcome interest from potential investors.

Energy Stuff Pty Ltd


Energy Stuff is a new player in the Clean Energy Sector and was launched in early October 2017. Our strength is in the Marketing and Selling structure we employ, the expertise of our directors, the strong national Supply Partners we work with, and the Platform we have developed to tie all parties, including our customers, into the relationship.

Our focus is the Early Adopter solar energy client who purchased solar panels and inverters between 2010 and 2015. These householders were at the vanguard of the Clean Energy drive and were often sold suspect equipment by dubious companies who saw the market explosion as a way of making a quick buck and most of these have now left the market.

Our Goal is to be the predominant national player in the Residential Solar System Repair, Upgrades and Replacement market and to be a trusted adviser with respect to new technology, new energy management and new energy plan networking. We are easy to deal with, jargon-free and can be trusted to back up our products and services through sound supply partners and systems to maintain ongoing communication and support into the future.

Money Stuff, Property Stuff, Health Stuff

These brands are owned by Deal with Stuff Pty Ltd and will form the basis of future operating businesses being supported by the Deal with Stuff marketing engine. All future businesses will align to the Deal with Stuff charter in respect to providing knowledge and cost savings to average Australian so that they may enjoy better Health, Wealth and Energy.

If you are interested in finding out more about these operations, and how you may become involved, then contact one of the Deal with Stuff Directors below as we would welcome your approach.

Lucas Sadler

07 3053 5560

[email protected]

Richard Anderson

03 8820 5699

[email protected]


C/O Lanteri Partners Group

Ground Floor, 1 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000.

Deal With Stuff - Energy, Health and Wealth Stuff made easy! 1300 656 205