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Do I, or Don’t I? the emotional and financial rollercoaster of ‘going off-grid”!

Written by Scott Andrews / Energy Stuff Off-Grid / 5 September 2018

As an off-grid expert, I get asked the question constantly, “Is it a viable option?”

Well, how long is a piece of string?

I am not a fore-see-er, I do not predict the future, but what I do know is; that as long as the sun rises tomorrow, I can build you an ‘off-grid system’ that will give you the same (if not more) security and comfortability as being on grid without the monthly/quarterly power bill.

Technology has advanced so much, that nearly any demand, surge demand, constant demand is able to be accommodated for! Fishing/ hunting shacks, donga’s, live-in-sheds and temp accommodation until your home is finished. Even extravagance is NOT a limitation! ducted air cond, heated pools, heated spa’s/flooring. The ‘off-grid’ world has changed, and POWER is now literally- at our fingertips!

We now have the ability, to build to your budget, and scale up from there, or, go the whole hog! With 20 year design life on Battery power, and Solar panels that will still be providing you “FREE” power from the sun 50 years from now (a 25 year performance guarantee that YOUR panels will STILL be producing over 80% of their installed capacity after 25 years) WOW!!! Seriously, WHO gives that sort of guarantee??? (the Australian Govt.)

Every Solar PV Panel WE install, has been approved by the CEC (Clean Energy Council of Australia) with a linear guarantee, that OUR panels MUST still be performing over 80% after 25 years.

Now, if that’s not enough to choose ‘Energy Stuff Off-Grid’, we ALSO only use premium German SMA inverters and regulators, combined with a scalable World Leading Battery technology, that has less than 0.03% failure rate in Australian conditions. Again…WOW!!!

Let’s take it a step further. Local installers, Australia wide, because!!! Why would you ever want to be ‘left in the dark’? We warrant our premium SMA/ BYD systems for a full 10 years for your ‘piece of mind’. (20-year design life on Batteries and the 25-year performance guarantee on Panels). I have been around a while, and I still haven’t seen an electricity provider offer these sort of warranties/ guarantees.

Anyhow, enough rambling from me, I just love what I do, and I don’t just build systems, I custom design, every job I do. I do a full profile and calculation on EVERY household. I’m a little annoying, ask a heap of questions (how many rooms, what are your appliances, how long do you run them for, what are their Watts, how many in the family, do you have gas or electric hot water, hair dryers, cookers, power tools, etc, etc, etc), and you’ll get that from our entire team of off-grid experts – because- we don’t want you as a customer, if we can’t get it right!

We are in the business of ‘off-grid solutions’ NOT maintenance solutions! No offence- but, once we have designed your system, installed it and shaken hands – we would be happy NOT to hear from you again (apart from referrals, because you are sooooo happy), or to wish us a ‘happy birthday!’.

In saying that, we have customer support and tech services available business hours AND emergency, tech support if you need it! Again, we won’t leave you in the dark-EVER!!! You’ll also be supplied with full set of papers on install. – think about it, better service already than any electricity retailer.

In all my passionate ranting, remember, off-grid electricity IS NOT for everyone! It must make financial sense. I have had customers that are 50metres away from the nearest power pole- but the pole is on the other side of a major HWY- cost to connect $315,000, others are in CBD and just want to avoid being part of ‘The Grid’, cost to connect $700. Even with the continuous power bill, it’s hard to justify this upfront expense.

Our systems are long term, and we can build ANY system for your needs, BUT, we will NOT sell you a system without a full analysis of your expected power load.

Our design calculator, uses BOM (Bureau of Meteorology) and NASA data to determine the irradiance levels per M2 of your latitude, your specific postcode. Knowing the exact ‘no sun days’ over the past 20 years, helps us determine the amount of ‘days of autonomy’ (back up Battery power) required for your specific needs.

If ‘Stuff’ is worth doing, it’s worth doing right!

A greener planet, and no more power bills!  Works for me and I know it will work for you!


Scott – just a guy that’s passionate about doing a job right and leaving a greener and more efficient footprint on this world.

Energy Stuff Off Grid specialises in off grid systems for homes, farms, batches and sheds. We sell a range of DIY battery systems right through to fully customised systems for houses, farms and small businesses. We have a specialist team that works in this area with over 30-years’ combined experience. Call us on 1300 656 205 or visit our website https://offgrid.energystuff.com.au



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