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Clean Energy Council approved PV modules expiring 1st Feb 2018

The Clean Energy Council (CEC) have advised that more than half of the PV modules currently on their approved list are scheduled to expire from 1 February 2018.
If homeowners are looking to have solar systems installed after this date then they should ensure that the panels are approved by the CEC if they wish to be eligible for STC credits.
Registered agents must be aware that for a solar PV installation to be eligible for small-scale technology certificates (STCs), the PV modules must be on the list of CEC approved modules at the date of installation. If expired PV modules are installed, the system will not be eligible for STCs.
The CEC has advised manufacturers and suppliers to check any expiring panels and apply for listing under the new terms and conditions if those modules are not tested to the 2016 IEC standards by 1 February 2018.
The list of CEC approved modules and expiry dates can be found on the CEC website.

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